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31st December 2013

first time writing here in a while. a lot has happened, Ive been in and out of hospitals, waiting rooms, and been through a handful of counsellors support workers and psychiatrists after i started talking to “the wall”.
the voice took me and made me into something powerful, something fearless, the voice killed me. After getting on antidepressants and antipsychotic medication for my bipolar/schizophrenic/dissociative mess i landed myself in, stuff started getting better, I finally got a girl that is very special and i think understands me somehow, and i really like her. :)
It was my birthday today, and i got promised a party for having such a hard year, it was great seeing all the “beys” its almost as if we existed again. Jack stayed over as my best mate, felt bad for him not having his girlfriend but he was as happy as always :) i think things are starting to get better

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30th July 2013

There’s no place like home
because there is no home for me
just a place where im reminded
i became everything i said id never be…

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28th July 2013

Fell out with Ryan. He has a girlfriend now, and I guess I’m second place. He started getting cheeky with me for no reason, trying to be “alpha” infront of her. I don’t like that, I never liked that. Then we went back to his, and he started doing stuff with his girlfriend, despite her saying forcefully how she never wanted to do stuff when drunk. I walked to Jacks at 2 in the morning, 7 miles.

My parents don’t care anymore, I used to always want that, but now I just want to feel loved.

I don’t feel mentally, emotionally or physically stable or capable for anything anymore.

I want to end it all. Things have got too “messy”

I have my nose pierced now. I’m also trying to give up smoking.
but I don’t see the point.

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15th June 2013

"the beys" have got a lot of shit, but I don’t care, I’m happier than ever. I never needed loads of friends, just a few true ones.

I also created this thing the other day.

 ”fteocg4l” - fuck the established order, chain gang for life.

Me, Lloyd and Jack run the school now. Everyones scared of us. Im not sure if I like it or not.

I’m addicted to smoking and drugs now. 

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1st June

I’m finally a part of something.
The beys, a group of friends that called eachother bey, but over a series of fucked up nights, realised it had begun to mean something. I am a Bey.
Me, Ryan, Kyle, Lloyd, Dec, Chyna, Charlie. etc.

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10th May 2013

I stopped counselling today. Mrs W told my mum everything.
I said it was all lies, and laughed it off. Fuck.
I’ve been researching this thing called “chain gangs” aswell.
I find it very interesting.
This “chain gang” got forced over from their homes in Africa to work for white slave owners. They overpowered their oppressors and forced the whites to work for them, before escaping home.

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5th April

Me and Ryan went to a party. We got party bags.
I like Ryan. He’s turned out to be a “bestfriend”
I think that’s what they call them

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16th February 2013

been grounded after last Saturday, went out drinking down “stoner circle” in Torquay. With this guy from school called Lloyd, a guy from TCC called Ryan and two girls Keah and Shannon.
Police came down, and mum gave me a bollocking. Lloyd saved my bag for me though. I used to hate Lloyd, but he seems like he could be a friend. If there is such a thing. I’m going to start meeting this boy, Ryan aswell. But my parents have ruined everything for me, being grounded is terrible. I feel so alone. again.

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14th February 2013

i guess no one loves me
never mind
I wouldnt love me either

fuck valentines day.

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